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Things To Consider Before Your Next Air Conditioning Replacement

It’s getting hot! It may be time for an air conditioning replacement. This guide aims to help you make the best choice for your comfort needs.

In South Florida, air conditioners are a way of life. People can’t survive without one. Especially with the hot and humid climate. This is why residents seek the best air conditioning for their home and business. We also provide the best services of air conditioning repair in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Generally speaking, air conditioning systems can be expensive to replace. Some systems are more expensive than others. But, the quality of any system goes far beyond the price.

There are many things to consider before choosing to replace your ac system. You do not want to invest in a system that fails to meet your comfort needs.

So, before making your choice, consider the following factors:


Most HVAC units today boast of an average estimate lifespan of 10-15 years if it’s maintained. Like changing the oil in a car, air conditioning systems need maintenance to last long. Preventative maintenance ensures less costly breakdowns and dependable performance.

Unfortunately, ac systems are mechanical and wear down overtime. Even with routine service, the time will come for replacement. After 10-15 years is around the time where repairs are not worth your money. Replacement becomes the cost effective solution.

The key to home comfort is service and replace your air conditioner before it breaks down.


When choosing to replace your ac system, installing the correct size is very vital. A/C units come in different sizes to serve a wide range of heat loads. Size is a major determinant of the performance of your air conditioning system.

In a residential home, sizes range from 1.5-5 Tons. The size relates to the amount of air the system is pumping out and the heat that’s present.

It’s important to have a professional HVAC contractor in Deerfield Beach, FL, perform a heat load calculation before replacing a system. The size of the system depends on how much heat is in the building.

90% of home in the U.S. have the wrong size system installed. Too large of an ac system can freeze up the system. Increasing the size isn’t always the best solution. But, too small of an ac system will leave you sweating.

Have a professional determine the proper sized system that meets your cooling needs. Don’t assume the existing size is the best choice. Not to mention, today’s ac systems work more efficient than 10 year old systems.

SEER Rating

SEER is an acronym. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Currently, the U.S. Department of Energy has stated new ac systems must be at least 14 SEER. Generally speaking, the higher SEER rating, the less energy it uses to cool your home.

Today, a standard system is 14 SEER. 16 SEER is a high efficient system and our recommendation to most buyers. Some of the highest efficient systems in the industry go up to 24 SEER.

Bottom-line, the more efficient the system, the lower your energy bills and repairs in the long run. Settling for the lowest option is not always the best decision. If you can afford it, go with a higher rated system. You won’t regret it.

Working with Professionals

The personal AC installation in Boca Raton, FL your new AC system is more important than the equipment itself. Here’s what to look for:

  • Are they licensed mechanical contractor?
  • Are they local to your area?
  • Do they have liability insurance coverage?
  • Are they reputable and have great reviews?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have pictures of previous installs?
  • Does the company offer 24/7 emergency service?
  • Do they send out employees or subcontractors?

As a matter of fact, incorrect installations can lead to more accidents and costly breakdowns. So, be sure to check out the best company in your area – United A/C & Refrigeration for example who is:

  • Licensed by the State of Florida.
  • Services Broward County and Palm Beach County.
  • Over 265+ Positive Google Reviews.
  • Family-owned business since 1998 – 20 years experience!
  • Plenty of recent install pictures on social media.
  • 24/7 Emergency A/C Service Available.
  • Only hire the best, certified, trained, employees.
  • Show up in uniform and company lettered trucks.
  • Backs up their work and equipment with warranties.

This may look like a lot of work but, it will save you time and money on your next air conditioning replacement and AC tune-up Pompano Beach, FL. Fewer accidents and problems arise when you work with professionals. It guarantees you get the best air conditioning installation experience possible.